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DIS EM Dhn Grade 8 Accounting 2021-22
The course is designed to guide accounting enthusiasts in their journey to IGCSE Accounting.
DIS Dhn EM English Literature Grade 7 Sayem
Introduction to Animal Farm. Information on Animal Farm will be shared with the students.
DIS DHN Grade 4 History ( Parvin Monower)
In this chapter, Students will know about Jesus Christ as the savior. Students will be able to know about Jesus Christ teaching to the people how to lead a good and useful life.
DIS DHN English Literature Grade 1 Saniat Shareef
An interesting short and long story and poem classes with various exercises will help students to enhance their knowledge to learn English language and create imagining power.
DIS DHN Grade 3 History ( Parvin Monower)
In this content, Students will be able to learn about history, to understand how historians and archaeologies uncover clues and how history helps to understand the world.
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English Language B Grade 8 (Sudipta Roy Ghosh)
Letter Format Discussion, Different Types of Letter, Sample of Letter
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Nursery English: Ms. Raisa Rezwana
A continuation class of alphabet small letters a to z sound part by part. first attempt a to p.
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